Robin's Vision

Robin Arredondo-Savage has always had a bold vision for Tempe, and it's that type of vision that is leading to big things in Tempe. After all, a city doesn't add 28,000 jobs in five years by accident. It doesn't come up with a fiscally responsible plan to invest $50 million in its parks system overnight. And it most certainly isn't named the first "Veteran Supportive City" in Arizona by pure luck.

These things only happen because of the trusted leadership and hard work of leaders such as Robin Arredondo-Savage. Her resume speaks for itself:

Jobs and Economy:

tempe jobs
• Consistent advocate for responsible city budgeting that invests in Tempe while providing long-term economic sustainability
• Led effort to streamline permitting process to help businesses get up and running faster
• Initiated and serving on the working group to develop a Youth Workforce Initiative Plan
• Initiated and serving on the working group to expand Tempe's employment, volunteer, and training opportunities for residents with disabilities
• Served on the original working group for the Equal Pay Initiative
Public Safety

• Co-Chairperson for the Regional Opioid Action Plan
• Co-Sponsored the separation of firearms dealers and pawn shops ordinance
• Serves on the fundraising and design committee for the Public Safety Memorial
Education Initiatives

• Created and expanded the COLLEGE CONNECT program to help more Tempe students navigate the pathway to college.
• Fostered several education partnerships with Arizona State University, NAU, UofA, GCC, local k-12 school districts and other education institutions across the state
tempe vets Veterans Initiatives

• Created Tempe's first Veterans Commission
• Spearheaded the "Valor on Eighth" project - Tempe's first housing project for veterans and their families
• Partnered with the East Valley Veterans Education Center to create a one stop resource center of Tempe veterans
Parks and Community Events

• Advocated for and identified a funding source to allow much needed park maintenance to be completed without raising taxes
• Continues to advocate for the inclusion of all-abilities opportunities for Tempe residents in our parks
• Expanded the Geeks Night Out event to highlight importance of Science, Technical, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) educational opportunities to an annual attendance of over 3,000 people
tempe parks Sustainability

• Initiated the Recycle-A-Bicycle program working group in partnership with Tempe Police Department, Gillilland Middle School and CofT.
• Expanded recycling programs to elementary schools
• Supportive of expanding use of solar and other renewable energy - advocated for 20% of municipal operations energy come from renewable energy sources by 2025

• Serves on the Valley Metro Rail Board of Directors
• Co-sponsored through committee the expansion of Orbit Bus Service to neighborhoods south of the U.S. 60

• Initiated the Workforce Housing working group
• Leading the effort in working with Arizona State University to identify development and safety standards while protecting Tempe residential neighborhoods
• Focused on creating a long-term balance of home ownership and rental opportunities in Tempe